Seller Responsibility Regarding Homeowners’ Associations: 

Ordering the HOA documents is an important and time sensitive task that must be  completed by the Seller as soon as possible.

Under the California Residential Purchase Agreement, the Buyer is to be provided with a current copy of all HOA documents 7 days from the acceptance of the RPA.  The agreement states that the Seller is responsible for the fees for preparing these HOA documents.  Many HOAs are operated by a third party management company which provides the documents and most require a fee to be paid by the seller before the sending the documents to escrow.

UP-FRONT FEES:  The Seller should be prepared to pay the up-front fee for HOA documents online, via credit card.  Each HOA and Management Company has specific requirements and fees however, these up-front fees can range from $500 to $1,500.  These fees are not part of the escrow charges.  They are paid directly to the HOA or Management Company to provide the HOA documents to escrow (who will forward to the buyer) as outlined in the contract.